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Grizzanti Iconist

the artist

Born in 1966, Gaetano Grizzanti lives and works in Milan.
During his professional life he has built up a successful career as a logo designer and he has received many awards.
Particularly worthy of note are his concept for the logo of the optical chain leader in Italy “Salmoiraghi & Viganò”, his participation in the project of the new system identity of the City of Milan, and the new Bancomat ATM logo.

His artistic apprenticeship took place in the “studio school” of the master Luigi Giovenco, where he started painting at a very young age. During the course of his painting career, his works have been shown in exhibitions in Italy and Germany.
After an initial academic period, he embarked on experimental art research, taking from and reformulating the stylistic elements peculiar to his own graphic culture. This led to “graphicism” and then, in 2000, he developed the movement Iconismo. This is a new expression of contemporary art, through which Grizzanti attests to and artistically reinterprets human communication in the third millennium.

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